Bridging gap & serving people

Why we are

Blissful Living World helps people in bridging gap between the bliss and serving. Every person is unique and feel blissful in different ways. We are here to provide path to be blissful.

Who we are

We are a group of like-minded people who wants to return back something to the society and its people. We believe in giving in the way which feels blissful to self.

Where we are

We invite you to follow our Facebook page our team has been maintaining for the past 2 years. We can reach wherever you want us to be.

How it started

It started with the zeal of doing something that can make world a better place to live. We’re here to channelise with the people who want to serve to the community.

Intelligent Giving

In Blissful Living World, we help each other to increase joy, reduce stress and together bring hope and happiness in our lives. We are a bridge between organisations and people.

Let's Talk About Bliss

Blissful Living World is born for inner fulfilment, happiness and peace. It’s about living in one’s present and joy. To know who we are? Being spiritual beings having bodily experiences not body having special experiences. We, at Blissful Living World, teach you an art of being “BLISSFUL”.

Blissful Meter in Today's Life

Inner Fulfilment 25%
Financial Power 85%
Happiness 50%
Love 50%
Satisfaction 25%
Connecting with people around 30%

It's all About Spiritual Fitness. Condition Yourself and Life is a Bliss

Let’s Vibrate At Higher Frequency. 

It’s our mission to help at least 5000 people in the next 5 years so we can raise consciousness and the vibration of this planet.

Are you one of them? Our challenge to you is to shift your perspective about money, business, and spirituality. What would this planet be like if we revolutionize our thoughts? 

Imagine what it would feel like to have a thriving spiritual life while creating financial abundance. It is time to experience the joy of living your purpose, serving others and creating a huge ripple effect on the planet. Shall we?