We are not limited to helping people but changing the way people think and make their lives happy and joyful. In our thinking, there is no better way for happiness then reaching down and lifting people up.

It’s a platform where people who want to serve and people who need a little push will come together and work as a team because we all go through the circle of life where boost will help.


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At Blissful Living World, we enjoy developing partnerships with various organisations and businesses, thereby delivering clear benefits for them, and vital funds for our platform. To get in with us, click here.

Informative Sessions

Sessions are provided for spreading “bliss” within people. We want to get the world together and encourage them to love themselves before spreading the love.

info sessions
public Speaking

Public Speaking

This medium helps the schools and corporate staff to sit within auditorium and listen to the blissful speaker. This helps in encouraging people in improving their thought process for performing better.

Group Interaction

Group interaction provides a platform where group of people can share their thoughts, views and life experiences thereby, setting examples for others. People in group can open up and speak without getting judged.

group interaction