Lucky to be humans

We all are the children of God. We are very lucky to be here on Earth as human beings. In my religion, Sikhism, it is said that a human soul comes after entering  8400000 other different life forms. So we indeed are very lucky to be humans.

God is the almighty who is behind the creation of beautiful living beings like you and me. Not only humans, but other life forms like plants and animals are too made by Him. In turn, we should also be grateful of Him, by remembering Him while we do our prayers.

God is omnipresent. It isn’t necessary to be able to connect with God only in temples. If we want that our souls be blessed by Him, we should do good deeds like helping other fellow living beings who might be in distress. The law of Karma will in turn help you when you are in distress at some point of life.

This article is a contribution of a child (15 years) whose name is Bisamdeep Singh. Blissful Living World appreciate his efforts and thoughts.

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