Managing your emotions

Managing your emotions

One aspect of what defines us, makes ‘me’ – ‘me’, are our emotions. Are you a happy person? Or, you are a more serious personality?

That constant emotional background which we feel within us, is what we recognise and know as the ‘me’. If this is a healthy emotional state, it’s completely alright. Problems happen when we have become entangled into chronic dysfunctional emotional states.

Ask yourself where you place yourself on the emotional well being scale. If 0 is very sad, and 10 is very happy, where are you usually stationed? How big are the fluctuations commonly? You need to work on your emotional well being, if you are usually stationed below 5, or, you fluctuate with a wide difference, like between 2 and 8, routinely. Also, has your life become limited or impaired because of inability to deal with your emotions. For example, has it impacted your relationships with people close to you, to a significant extent. If answer to any of these questions is yes, you would need to work towards emotional well being. 

The source of our emotional malady is in our childhood. For first seven years of our life, child is in a a very open state and he internalise whatever is being given to him. This programming carries on with us all our life, unless we consciously try to change it. What was your parent’s emotional state in your childhood? Look back and reflect which of their beliefs have you made your own. If they are not working for you, you need to let them go, and form new healthy ones in their place.One easy way to start working on your emotions, is to be aware of them.  We can ask ourselves what we are feeling, few times during the day. What am I thinking, is another useful question to ask yourself.Meditation is the most effective practise which can help us connect to positive emotional states. Have a calm, clean, beautiful home to support yourself in calming and relaxing. Follow some nourishing routines, like painting, baking, gardening etc which lift up your spirits. When we set a positive intention to reach calmness within us, we are bound to receive help and guidance.

So, keep going with faith, light is just around the corner!For more info on this topic, please click on the following YouTube links from my YouTube channel.
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Article by:
Dr. Harkamal Sharma
(Therapist & Consultant)

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