Self acceptance : even my flaws are fabulous

Self acceptance : even my flaws are fabulous

I truly believe that we are never good to ourselves. We like others with the flaws and their failures but we don’t ignore our own. Self acceptance is difficult to achieve even on our best day. And if you make a mistake then it seems even more and attainable. So if things are not going to have a plan we need to reflect ourselves , our situations and the people around us and accept how things are before we move on. We need to stop the self talk to always being best and right. We all aspire to a life of renewal that flows easily in the present moment, unburdened by the limitations of past pain and fear. However, our old patterns do restrict us and can make us feel stuck. It’s true that when you can change the way you think, you’ll change the way you act, and your results will change as well.Most people have STRONG BELIEFS in their life.

Those beliefs shape how their life plays out. Most beliefs are passed down through what you heard, saw, or experienced throughout your life.And some of those beliefs are sabotaging.

In fact, it may be holding you back from achieving the freedom lifestyle that you desire as we are always pleasing others. We need to be kind to ourselves before we expect others to be kind to us. Your relationship with people—like your spouse, your parents, your relatives, your siblings, your distant relatives, your co-workers, your friends and everyone else important.But Your Relationship with yourself is the most important.

Your relationship with situations—like your social status, your life circumstances, your ethnicity, your family origins, everything that defines you are important BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF ? —like your ego, your identity, your emotions, your body, your heart, your desires, your past, your future and everything else in your conscious mind.

  • Let’s practice self compassion
  • Let’s give ourselves some time and space .
  • Let’s accept other strengths and weaknesses.
  • Let’s be proud of ourselves.
  • Let’s accept that we can’t control how people react ,think and feel towards us.
  • Let’s forgive ourselves for any mistakes with made and others.
  • Let’s accept our situation.
  • Let’s recognize small step towards something you want to achieve can bring you confidence.
  • Let’s accept that we are here and now.
  • Let’s promise ourselves that we will not dwell on the past or worry about the future but will enjoy the present.
  • Let’s give our own thoughts and feelings some importance.

Life is not just a competition and success. Let’s unfold the divine purpose and appreciate others in ourselves for what we are. Live and let live. Come and celebrate with me your presence in this world with all your successes and all your failures as they define us of who we are now.

Article by:
Ms. Mandeep Kaur

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